Six Office Needs

Welcome to the introductory blog for Charleston Office Spaces. Commercial real estate professional, John Elliott, has appointed his faithful birddog Bentley (that’s me) as your office space facilitator.

John and I go way back, tracking and bagging lowcountry pheasant and quail. Now we aim to use those same locating techniques to hunt down office space for you.

As we approach year end, it’s a great time to analyze your office space needs.

  1. LEASE  – Is your lease up for renewal in 2014? Is it time to reconsider whether this is the right space for you?
  2. SIZE – Does your office space fit your current needs? Is it time to upsize, downsize, or just plain right size?
  3. NEIGHBORS – Do your neighbors compliment your business? Are unfavorable neighbors deterring the clientele you hope to reach?
  4. RATES – Is your rent in line with current rates? Are you paying too much for outdated  or improperly maintained space?
  5. LOCATION – Is your location convenient for your clients and/or employees? Do you fear losing valuable clients — or invaluable employees — due to location?
  6.  IMAGE – Is your building kept in satisfactory condition? Does it provide a professional image?

Which of these areas are most important in your office space?

Are there other issues that matter to you?

If any of these areas aren’t meeting your expectations, John can provide a free review and on point strategy to hunt office space that better suits your needs. Don’t bark up the wrong tree. Call John Elliott at Howell & Associates at 843-830-3272.

We look forward to the hunt!

Happy HuBirddognting,

Your faithful Birddog Bentley

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